1. Data Processing Objectives

1.1 Cases of the User providing data are, in particular, registration on the VilHost.com Internet site, access to the User’s Personal Account, conclusion of licensing and other agreements, the possibility of entering into which is directly provided for by the VilHost.com Services function, and the following cases: >

1.1.1 When participating in advertising and marketing campaigns conducted by VilHost.com

1.1.2 When sending requests, letters or making other types of contacts with VilHost.com

1.1.3 When using additional, special services, if provided for by the functionality of the VilHost.com Services and the interface of the VilHost.com website

1.2. User data is processed for the following purposes (including but not limited to):

1.2.1 Conclusion and execution of the Agreement on the use of the Services VilHost.com

1.2.2 Enabling the creation and subsequent use and management of a Personal Account

1.2.3 Interaction between Users for receiving comments on the VilHost.com Services, supporting Software Products

1.2.4 Directions of Notifications Regarding VilHost.com Services and Software Products

1.2.5 Analysis of the effectiveness of the Services VilHost.com and Software

1.2.6 Acceptance, processing and verification of payments

1.2.7 Providing Technical Support to Users

1.2.8 Informing about future events related to the VilHost.com Services and Software products, their updates and other similar events

2. User data collected and processed by VilHost.com

2.1. Data that VilHost.com (its affiliates) collects and processes may include (but not be limited to):

2.1.1. Last name, first name and patronymic (if any) of the User (user’s representative, User’s employee or other person authorized by the User to take actual actions with the User’s Personal Account when using the VilHost.com Services)

2.1.2. User passport data

2.1.3. Address registration (actual residence) of the User

2.1.4. Email Address

2.1.5. User Login

2.1.6. The position of a representative of the User, an employee of the User or another person authorized by the User to perform actual actions with the Personal Account of the User when using the VilHost.com Services

2.1.7. Contact Phone

2.1.8 VilHost.com may also collect User data associated with its IP address, statistical information about the actions performed by the User when using the VilHost.com Services, unique User identifiers automatically generated when using the VilHost.com Services, billing data about the transactions performed by the User, language , the territory from which access to the VilHost.com Services is provided, as well as other information about the User

3. Use of cookies

3.1. VilHost.com uses cookies on the VilHost.com website.

3.2. Cookies are text files, usually small in size, or pieces of information that may be stored in the memory of the computer of the User when he visits the VilHost.com Internet site

3.3. VilHost.com uses temporary (session) and persistent cookies on its website. Temporary files are different in that they are deleted after the User closes their web browser, while the permanent files remain in the computer’s memory until they are deleted manually or until they are expired

3.4. The user can change the settings of his web browser so that already saved cookies are deleted, and new cookies are not saved (detailed information about this is contained, as a rule, in the manual for each specific web browser)

3.5. If you delete cookies and / or the settings of your web browser so that new cookies are not saved, some or all of the features of the VilHost.com website and the VilHost.com Services may not be available

4. Use, Distribute and Transfer Data

4.1. VilHost.com can combine (merge, splice) and use the combined User data with other information to ensure, manage and develop the VilHost.com Services. VilHost.com has the right to provide User data to its affiliates / partners, when it is necessary to provide VilHost.com Services, without asking the User’s consent for such transfer

4.2. In addition, User data may be provided to third parties in the following cases:

4.2.1. When it is necessary to comply with the law, for example, investigating cases of fraud in making payments and carrying out any other illegal activity

4.2.2. When there are reasonable suspicions of a potential or existing violation of the rights of VilHost.com, its affiliates / partners, in order to protect the rights of the injured party

4.2.3. In cases of infringement of intellectual property rights

5. Data Storage

5.1. The data storage period is the period during which VilHost.com Services are provided, unless otherwise provided by applicable law (for example, for accounting purposes or tax compliance)

6. Other obligations of the parties

6.1. The user is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data provided to them. If there are inconsistencies and / or incorrectness in the data provided by the User, they should be changed, including by contacting VilHost.com specialists, as indicated in the Contact Information section

6.2. VilHost.com has the right, when deleting and / or changing User data, to store those data that are necessary for the purposes of compliance with applicable law, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the VilHost.com Services

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